Ms Diane Timewell

Ms Diane Timewell BSc (hons)  MBAcC


Diane has 20 years experience working with Oriental Medicine.

Originally qualifying as a Shiatsu practitioner, Diane worked extensively as a Shiatsu therapist where she took a special interest in the field of back pain.

Diane now focuses on acupuncture as her primary therapy because, as research shows,  acupuncture can be such an effective treatment for many of our modern health issues.

Diane holds a BSc (hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture. This required in-depth study of both Chinese and Western medicine.

Diane continues to develop her understanding of this incredible system of medicine, studying as hard now as she ever has. She is inspired by the modern-day Japanese master practitioner, Kiiko Matsumoto, who combines understandings of ancient acupuncture theory with western scientific medical knowledge. This gentle hands-on treatment is often very effective at getting to the root of a problem, which helps resolve the issue more effectively.

Diane is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the major regulatory body in the UK and works to strict standards as laid down by the Department of Health.

Diane was awarded the Nutri-Centre Prize for merit in her studies of Acupuncture in 2005.

Diane also holds a BA (joint Hons) degree in English and Psychology.

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