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World Malaria Day

25 Apr 2017

Prevent malaria – save lives:  World Malaria Day 2017

Malaria cases are decreasing globally, with 21% reduction in new cases between 2010 and 2015. However, around 400,000 people a year are still dying from the disease. On World Malaria Day, the World Health Organisation has called for a focus on preventing malaria infection.

Together with diagnosis and treatment, in areas where malaria is rife, WHO recommends insecticide treated nets, spraying indoor walls with insecticides, and preventive medicines for the most vulnerable groups: pregnant women, under-fives and infants.

“WHO-recommended tools have made a measurable difference in the global malaria fight,” said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO. “But we need a much bigger push for prevention – especially in Africa, which bears the greatest burden of malaria.

The Future of Malaria Prevention

There’s a need for children to be protected from malaria. In 2015, more than two thirds of deaths (70%) from malaria were in children under the age of five, according to WHO. A new vaccine will be piloted in 2018 to help protect young children in Africa.

24-30th April is World Immunisation Week, which celebrates the widespread use of vaccines that protect people against 26 diseases. Overall, vaccines prevent an estimated 2-3 million deaths each year.

Reductions in malaria case incidence and deaths (2010-2015)

WHO Region Case incidence rate reduction Mortality rate reduction
Europe 100% 100%
South-East Asia 54% 46%
Americas 31% 37%
Western Pacific 30% 58%
Africa 21% 31%
Eastern Mediterranean 11% 6%
Global 21% 29%

More Information

For more advice on malaria, prevention and travelling, you can call Fleet Street Clinic on  0207 353 5678  or email 

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