Corporate Healthcare

Corporate Healthcare Services at Fleet Street Clinic

Are you looking for a corporate healthcare provider?

Fleet Street Clinic is a specialist corporate healthcare provider, working with a wide variety of companies in the UK to provide bespoke healthcare programmes.

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. Looking after the wellbeing of your employees offers numerous benefits to your business; from increased productivity to a significant reduction in absenteeism. Our corporate healthcare programmes can help to make your employees more resilient to stress, to help reach their potential within your workforce.

The Fleet Street Clinic has extensive experience in providing a full range of corporate medical services tailored to suit your company needs. Our clients include City-based corporations, international media, entertainment industry and public sector organisations.

We provide a full range of services including medicals, on-site services, a popular corporate health and wellbeing package, crisis management and occupational health services.

Our extremely flexible approach means that you can arrange a ‘tailor-made’ or ‘mix-and-match’ programme to suit your particular needs – we are more than happy to discuss the perfect option for your workplace.

A number of our services are also available as an ‘on-site’ option, allowing you to be much more flexible and determine the level of frequency of your company’s needs – whether that be a visiting GP or nurse one day per month, or a selection of ‘lunch and learn’ style seminars.

If you would like to know more, please do get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to talk things through on the phone, email, or arrange to meet you at your convenience to discuss your particular requirements.

Please email us at or call  0207 353 5678  and ask to speak to the corporate department.

Corporate Healthcare


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