Oil & Gas Medicals

Among our range of medicals and work health assessments, we offer two medicals designed specifically for the Oil & Gas industry:

Standard Oil & Gas Medical

Our Standard Oil & Gas Medical involves:

  • A comprehensive review of medical, social and occupational history
  • Appropriate clinical examination
  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Visual Acuity (basic eye test)
  • Weight/height/BMI
  • Urinalysis
  • Further investigations as clinically indicated (e.g. Spirometry (lung function); ECG; blood tests)

Please allow 1 hour for the examination and bring photographic ID.
The fee is £245 plus the cost of any necessary blood tests.

Oil & Gas Medical PLUS Travel Health Consultation

This medical is the same as the Standard Oil & Gas Medical, with the addition of a consultation for travel health advice and vaccinations.

Please allow 1 hour 15 minutes and bring photographic ID.
The fee is £315 plus the cost of any necessary blood tests and any travel vaccinations.

Our Oil & Gas Medicals are undertaken by our in-house Occupational Health Doctor, who is registered with Oil & Gas UK and has the necessary specialist accreditation required for this type of medical examination. Contact Fleet Street Clinic on 020 7353 5678 for more information.

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