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What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?
In the UK, the title “dietitian” can only be used by a person who has qualified with a degree in nutrition and dietetics and who has been granted state registration by the Health Professions Council. A dietitian will translate scientific information about food into practical dietary information and advice. The dietitian will advise about food-related problems, treat food-related diseases and ill health, and provide practical advice tailored to your lifestyle and specific nutritional requirements.

By contrast, anyone is able to call themselves a nutritionist, regardless of their background or qualifications, and use of this title is unregulated. Nutritionists are often seen as alternative health practitioners and may give dietary advice together with a range of nutritional supplements. They may also carry out allergy tests to diagnose nutritional problems. Their approach is not necessarily based on clinical scientific evidence.

What does the consultation with the dietitian involve?
The dietitian will carry out a detailed review of your detailed medical, drug, social, lifestyle and dietary history. The dietitian will also assess your height and weight, and may also carry out body composition analysis. The dietitian will then give you easy-to-follow, practical advice tailored to your lifestyle.

Will I be given some weird diet to follow?
No faddy diets are given. The dietitian will encourage everyday foods available in the supermarkets and shops, focussing on foods you already like.

Will I need to see the dietitian again?
This is entirely up to you. Once initial advice has been given, many people do like to have a follow-up to to assess their progress, and and to deal with any queries that arise. Follow-ups will be discussed during your consultation.

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