Dental Fees

Fleet Street Dental Clinic

Dental Fees

Preventive Treatments

New Patient Examination: £85
Routine Examination: £75
Invisalign consultation: Free
Children Exam (under 18 years): £45
Children of parents already registered at Fleet Street Dental Clinic (under 18 years): Free
Emergency appointment: From £95
Radiographs: £15 each
Hygiene Treatment (scale and polish) £85
Combined Examination & Hygiene*: £150
Non-surgical periodontal treatment: From £150
Periodontal Treatment: £165 / quadrant
Smile Consultation (15 minutes) – includes veneer assessment: Free


Custom-made Night Guard for grinding/jaw problems: £250
Custom-made Night Guard (Hard):  £350
Custom-made Michigan Splint:  £585
Anti-snoring Mouthguard: (Adjustable & custom made): £650
Sports Guard: £250

Root Canal Treatments

Incisors: £380
Premolars: £450
Molars:  £650


Simple £165
Surgical £250

Restorative Treatments

Preventative Fissure Sealants: £45
Temporary GI Restoration: £95
Small Composite Restorations: £95-£110
Two or more surfaces Composite Restorations: £175 -£290

Custom-made Restorative Treatments

Diagnostic wax-up: £85 per tooth
Wax up 3-3: £450
Wax up per arch: £975
Porcelain Veneer per unit: £750
Emax Porcelain onlay or crown: £750
Gold inlay/onlay/ crown (£ per gram gold): £865
Post /core build-up: £160
Bridge per unit: from £795

Dental Implant Restoration: £1580


Acrylic: From £600/arch
Cobalt-Chrome: From £1050/arch
Valplast: From £750/arch

Cosmetic Treatments

Home Whitening: £299
In-surgery Whitening: £450
Whitening top up gel: £48 for 3 tubes
Anti-wrinkle injections 1 area £200 / 2 areas £325 / 3 areas £450


Free complimentary consultation
Invisalign treatment: £2800-£4500

Prices may vary due to the variations in teeth, treatment complexity and patients.
All prices (except standard examination and hygiene appointment fees) are fully discussed before treatment.
All treatments carry a minimum 1 year guarantee against technical and material failure.
Guarantees may be extended for patients who adhere to the preventative advice provided.
*Regular patients only

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